The average price for men’s haircuts and beard trim

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The average price for men’s haircuts and beard trims depends on several factors. Such as:

  • Location
  • Services Needed
  • Barber Experience
  • Type of Barbershop

A men’s haircut in the United States is around $30, and if you’re also looking for a beard trim the price increase by $15, however, depending on your city, and the service needed the cost of the appointment may vary.

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Factors affecting men’s haircut with beard trim

Type of barbershop

In particular, exclusive barbershops usually cost more than local barbers. For example, the average cost for a haircut can go from $15 to $30, but some high-end barbershops can charge you from $50 to $100. Before making an appointment make sure the services fit your budget.

Barber expertise

If the barber has many years of experience and certification, is going to charge you more than a less experienced barber. Besides, getting the services of a barber-in-training is a good idea if you’re looking to save some money, but there is a little risk to end up with a bad look.

Services needed

Getting additional service increases the final price of the cut, is good to have in mind if you’re going to request a beard trim, you’re gonna pay a little bit more, as well as haircuts the price of each service may vary.

City or neighborhood

The average price for a men’s haircut and beard trim can increase in cities with high-cost living, for example in New York is $120, while the average price in more small cities is $20.

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