How to ask for a fade haircut?

How to ask for a fade haircut?

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What is a Fade Haircut?

Fades are becoming very popular these days, however, what is a fade haircut? or the main doubt for clients, how to ask for a fade haircut? Keep reading to discover it.

A fade haircut is a transition of color on the back and sides of the head and has some variations of lengths, for this reason, is very easy to adapt to all types of hair and heads. But not all the cuts are the same, there are different levels, it depends on the shortest part of the style starts transitioning into a longer length, creating a fade, for example:

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High Fade

The best option for the ones who like short hair, to illustrate, it starts anywhere in the final third of the head, and usually the dim almost reaches the crown before transitioning into longer lengths.

Mid Fade

It will be above the eyebrow’s height, and the dim is going to start between the third side of the head, Indeed at The Ortiz Barbershop, we always recommend this kind of cut if you have a longer head.

Low Fade

It is a great choice if you aren’t looking for a harsh haircut, contrarily you’re looking for a little transition in the back and sides. For instance, the dim starts around a third of your head into a longer length.

Taper Fade

A taper is one of the most gentle of the fades because the transition is around the neckline, therefore it’s often used when the client is looking to dim out with a beard. Besides, you can look at our gallery to discover all the fades haircuts we made along around the year.

How to ask for a fade haircut?

Is always advisable to follow the recommendation of your barber, in particular, every transition will work differently in each face shape. Knowing if you need a low, mid, or high fade is time to figure out how long you want your hair on the top, with this in mind, is time to start with your haircut.

But, if you don’t want to complicate it, showing a picture of the style to your barber can save you a lot of time and misunderstandings.

Where can I get a fade haircut in Mesa?

With us! At The Ortiz Barbershop, we are a classic barber shop and one of the best in Mesa, for instance, our services go from a classic haircut to an old-fashioned shave:

Knowing what is a fade haircut and how to ask for a fade haircut, come with us and get a gentle haircut, alongside a shave with a hot towel.

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4 Simple ways to ask for a haircut

4 Simple ways to ask for a haircut

client doing hair cut at barber shop salon knowing how to ask for a haircut

What to ask for at a barbershop?

We have all walked into a barbershop knowing the style we want, but the moment we sit in the chair we don’t know how to ask for a haircut. Most experienced barbers know how to understand the client to give them the style they want. However, it is better to know how to communicate to avoid misunderstandings.

That’s why at The Ortiz Barbershop, Mesa, AZ, we made a list of tips to know what to ask for at the barbershop, so you don’t end up with a hair mess. 

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Have a hairstyle in mind before visiting your barber

It can be stressful to discover the hairstyle you want; there are many options around and all look classic and clean. Is normal to not know how to ask for a haircut, that’s why we always advise our clients to look up on the internet or social media for a style they like.

Once you have a clear image of what you want, you can go to your barber shop and ask with confidence for the haircut you’re looking for.

Know the name of the style

Normally the clients don’t know the names of the styles, after all, the work of the barbers is to be aware of all of these technical aspects. Though, a little research on the internet can save you a lot of time at the moment to explain what you want. There are a lot of styles you can search for, for example:

  • Buzz cuts
  • Taper Fades
  • Crew Cuts
  • Pompadour

Make a short and clear description of what you are looking for

Try to be as clear as possible, it is normal to confuse your barber when you don’t know what to ask for. Though, it’s not necessary to say you want a buzz cut or a pompadour. Really, it can make a big difference when you say you want your haircut with scissors instead of a hair clipper. 

Use a picture of the haircut you want

Still don’t know how to ask for an undercut? Just do a little research for classic haircuts on the internet, download the image on your cell phone and show it to your barber. Showing a picture of the style you’re looking for can save you a lot of misunderstandings, and give you the classic hairstyle you always wanted. 

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Where can I get a classic haircut in Mesa?

At The Ortiz Barbershop, we specialize in classic and old-school haircuts, moreover, we have the next services:

Found us in Mesa, Arizona, we are open from Monday to Saturday, call us at the next number 480 809 6427, and schedule a service. You can use all the tips we give you on how to ask for a haircut, so you end up with a classic, vintage, and clean haircut. 

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