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Is Pomade Bad for Your Hair?

Love the look of a perfectly styled, controlled mane? Then pomade is likely your best friend. But are you worried this trusty tool might actually damage your hair?

Does Pomade Cause Hair Loss?

When used correctly, pomade won’t make your hair disappear. In fact, it can help protect it from breakage and environmental damage.

However, overdoing it or using the wrong kind can cause problems. That’s why choosing the right pomade for your hair type and applying it wisely is key.

What does pomade actually do for your hair?

Get ready for a whole lot of awesome:

  • Control and definition: Create sharp, defined styles that last all day, no matter the weather.
  • Shine and smoothness: Pomade adds a natural shine and softness, making your hair look healthier and more attractive.
  • Protection: It creates a barrier against environmental damage, like the sun, wind, and pollution. This keeps your hair strong and healthy.
  • Versatility: Experiment with different types and amounts to find your perfect result.

Top tips for using pomade like a pro:

  • Pick the right pomade: For fine hair, choose lightweight water-based formulas. Thicker hair? Heavier wax or oil-based pomades are your friends.
  • Less is more: A little goes a long way. Start with a small amount and add more if you need more control.
  • Don’t forget to wash: Product buildup can clog your hair follicles and lead to trouble. Wash your hair regularly to keep it clean and healthy.

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Come see us and let us give you the style you deserve.

Remember, pomade isn’t the enemy, it’s your hair’s ally. Use it wisely and enjoy a healthy, stylish mane.

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How to Brush Your Beard?

Maintaining a distinguished beard requires dedication and expert tools. While a well-trimmed beard conveys confidence and character, neglecting proper grooming can diminish its impact.

Brushing your beard is a foundational element of care, transforming it from a tangled mane to a sculpted masterpiece.

How to Brush your Beard?

Imagine your beard as a field of wheat. Gently glide the brush with the direction of hair growth, starting at the base of your neck and working your way towards your cheeks and chin.

This approach minimizes snags, prevents ingrown hairs, and avoids an uneven appearance.

We advise abandon flimsy plastic combs. Instead, equip yourself with a premium beard brush.

Boar bristles are particularly effective, gently detangling, distributing natural oils for a healthy sheen, and providing a soothing facial massage.

How to use a beard brush?

The ideal time to tame your beard is after a warm shower. The heated water opens pores, softening the hair and facilitating effortless brushing.

Consider incorporating beard oil into your post-shower routine. This adds an extra layer of shine and protects against breakage.

Remember, your beard deserves respect. A light touch is all it takes. Harsh brushing can damage hair and irritate the skin.

Approach the process with a mindful, delicate touch, viewing it as a pampering ritual rather than a vigorous chore.

How to clean a beard brush?

Just like any cherished tool, your beard brush requires periodic care. Clean it regularly with lukewarm water and a mild soap. Allow it to air dry completely before using it again.

Brushing is a crucial step, but it’s only the beginning. The Ortiz’s Barbershop offers a comprehensive range of beard care services and premium products.

Remember, a meticulously maintained beard is an expression of self-respect and sophistication. Embrace the ritual of brushing, and witness your beard transform into a source of pride and confidence.

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