Which Fade to Choose?

Tired of the same old haircut? Craving a fresh, modern style that elevates your look? Then a faded haircut is your match!

This popular cut blends your hair from shorter on the sides and back to longer on top, creating a cool, customized gradient.

But with so many fade options, how do you choose the perfect one? Relax, we’ll help you find your ideal fade!

High vs. Low Fade

  • High Fade: Want a haircut that makes a statement? The high fade is the way to go! The fade climbs up, leaving just a thin strip of hair on top. This look requires more upkeep but gives you a badass, edgy style.
  • Low Fade: Remember, the low fade keeps things classy. It’s perfect for those who prefer a subtle change or have finer hair.

Low Fade vs. Mid Fade

  • Low Fade: This subtle option is perfect for beginners or those wanting a low-key change. The fade starts near your neck, giving you a clean, polished look for any occasion.
  • Mid Fade: Stepping it up a notch, the mid fade starts a bit higher, leaving just a strip of longer hair on the sides. It’s a modern and eye-catching look for men who want to stand out!

Mid Fade Buzz Cut

Love the mid fade but want something bolder? Combine it with a buzz cut on top! This ultra-short style is ideal for low-maintenance and fresh looks. It’s easy to manage and exudes a confident vibe.

Still not sure? No worries! At The Ortiz’s Barbershop, our experienced barbers will guide you to your perfect fade match. We’ll consider your style, face shape, hair type, and needs to create a cut that makes you feel confident and refreshed.

Step into The Ortiz’s Barbershop and level up your look! Our expert barbers are waiting with clippers, razors, and smiles to give you the ultimate fade experience in Mesa, Arizona. Don’t miss out!

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