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Is Pomade Bad for Your Hair?

Love the look of a perfectly styled, controlled mane? Then pomade is likely your best friend. But are you worried this trusty tool might actually damage your hair?

Does Pomade Cause Hair Loss?

When used correctly, pomade won’t make your hair disappear. In fact, it can help protect it from breakage and environmental damage.

However, overdoing it or using the wrong kind can cause problems. That’s why choosing the right pomade for your hair type and applying it wisely is key.

What does pomade actually do for your hair?

Get ready for a whole lot of awesome:

  • Control and definition: Create sharp, defined styles that last all day, no matter the weather.
  • Shine and smoothness: Pomade adds a natural shine and softness, making your hair look healthier and more attractive.
  • Protection: It creates a barrier against environmental damage, like the sun, wind, and pollution. This keeps your hair strong and healthy.
  • Versatility: Experiment with different types and amounts to find your perfect result.

Top tips for using pomade like a pro:

  • Pick the right pomade: For fine hair, choose lightweight water-based formulas. Thicker hair? Heavier wax or oil-based pomades are your friends.
  • Less is more: A little goes a long way. Start with a small amount and add more if you need more control.
  • Don’t forget to wash: Product buildup can clog your hair follicles and lead to trouble. Wash your hair regularly to keep it clean and healthy.

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Come see us and let us give you the style you deserve.

Remember, pomade isn’t the enemy, it’s your hair’s ally. Use it wisely and enjoy a healthy, stylish mane.

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How to Brush Your Beard?

Maintaining a distinguished beard requires dedication and expert tools. While a well-trimmed beard conveys confidence and character, neglecting proper grooming can diminish its impact.

Brushing your beard is a foundational element of care, transforming it from a tangled mane to a sculpted masterpiece.

How to Brush your Beard?

Imagine your beard as a field of wheat. Gently glide the brush with the direction of hair growth, starting at the base of your neck and working your way towards your cheeks and chin.

This approach minimizes snags, prevents ingrown hairs, and avoids an uneven appearance.

We advise abandon flimsy plastic combs. Instead, equip yourself with a premium beard brush.

Boar bristles are particularly effective, gently detangling, distributing natural oils for a healthy sheen, and providing a soothing facial massage.

How to use a beard brush?

The ideal time to tame your beard is after a warm shower. The heated water opens pores, softening the hair and facilitating effortless brushing.

Consider incorporating beard oil into your post-shower routine. This adds an extra layer of shine and protects against breakage.

Remember, your beard deserves respect. A light touch is all it takes. Harsh brushing can damage hair and irritate the skin.

Approach the process with a mindful, delicate touch, viewing it as a pampering ritual rather than a vigorous chore.

How to clean a beard brush?

Just like any cherished tool, your beard brush requires periodic care. Clean it regularly with lukewarm water and a mild soap. Allow it to air dry completely before using it again.

Brushing is a crucial step, but it’s only the beginning. The Ortiz’s Barbershop offers a comprehensive range of beard care services and premium products.

Remember, a meticulously maintained beard is an expression of self-respect and sophistication. Embrace the ritual of brushing, and witness your beard transform into a source of pride and confidence.

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Which Fade to Choose?

Tired of the same old haircut? Craving a fresh, modern style that elevates your look? Then a faded haircut is your match!

This popular cut blends your hair from shorter on the sides and back to longer on top, creating a cool, customized gradient.

But with so many fade options, how do you choose the perfect one? Relax, we’ll help you find your ideal fade!

High vs. Low Fade

  • High Fade: Want a haircut that makes a statement? The high fade is the way to go! The fade climbs up, leaving just a thin strip of hair on top. This look requires more upkeep but gives you a badass, edgy style.
  • Low Fade: Remember, the low fade keeps things classy. It’s perfect for those who prefer a subtle change or have finer hair.

Low Fade vs. Mid Fade

  • Low Fade: This subtle option is perfect for beginners or those wanting a low-key change. The fade starts near your neck, giving you a clean, polished look for any occasion.
  • Mid Fade: Stepping it up a notch, the mid fade starts a bit higher, leaving just a strip of longer hair on the sides. It’s a modern and eye-catching look for men who want to stand out!

Mid Fade Buzz Cut

Love the mid fade but want something bolder? Combine it with a buzz cut on top! This ultra-short style is ideal for low-maintenance and fresh looks. It’s easy to manage and exudes a confident vibe.

Still not sure? No worries! At The Ortiz’s Barbershop, our experienced barbers will guide you to your perfect fade match. We’ll consider your style, face shape, hair type, and needs to create a cut that makes you feel confident and refreshed.

Step into The Ortiz’s Barbershop and level up your look! Our expert barbers are waiting with clippers, razors, and smiles to give you the ultimate fade experience in Mesa, Arizona. Don’t miss out!

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Do Barbers Cut Long Hair?

Many men wonder, “Do barbers cut long hair?” The answer is a resounding yes! In fact, barbers are skilled professionals who can create stylish and flattering cuts for men with long hair.

Barbers are experts in cutting and styling long hair, and they are ready to help you achieve your best look.

Can Barbers Cut Long Hair?

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider getting your long hair cut at a barbershop:


Barbers have years of experience working with all hair types and textures, including long hair. They are familiar with the latest trends and techniques for men’s long hairstyles and can help you find the perfect look.


Barbers are masters of scissors and razor cutting techniques, allowing them to create precise and detailed cuts that will flatter your face shape and personal style.

They can also help you achieve specific styles, such as braids, man buns, or ponytails.

High-quality products

Barbers use high-quality products that are specifically designed for men’s hair. These products will help to keep your long hair healthy, shiny, and manageable.


Getting your hair cut at a barbershop is a convenient and affordable way to keep your long hair looking its best. Most barbershops offer a variety of services, including beard trims, hot towel shaves, and scalp massages.

Personalized Service

Barbers take the time to understand your needs and desires. They will work with you to create a hairstyle that you love and that is easy for you to maintain.

Relaxing Atmosphere

Barbershops are designed to be a relaxing and welcoming environment. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy your grooming experience while the barber takes care of your hair.

Are Barbers Good With Long Hair?

Absolutely! In fact, many men find that barbers are better equipped to handle long hair than hairstylists. Barbers are trained to work quickly and efficiently, and they are also more likely to be familiar with the latest trends in men’s long hairstyles.

Ready to give your long hair a stylish update? Book an appointment at The Ortiz’s Barbershop today and see why so many men trust us with their long locks!

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What Is Best For Your Beard? Oil, Balm or Butter?

A well-groomed beard speaks volumes about a man’s style. The Ortiz’s Barbershop values your beard care, offering insights into the vital aspects of beard maintenance.

Let’s delve into the fundamental differences between beard oil and balm, and the nuances between balm and butter for a healthy, stylish beard.

What Is Best For Your Beard?

In beard care, the choice between beard oil and balm remains pivotal. We understand the significance of this choice in maintaining a flourishing beard.

With a focus on clarity, we’ll unravel the distinctions between beard oil and balm, along with the nuanced differences between beard balm and butter.

Beard Oil vs Balm:

Beard Oil

A staple in beard grooming, beard oil is lightweight and perfect for conditioning and nourishing the beard and skin beneath. It hydrates and softens, preventing itchiness and dryness, and promoting healthier growth.

Beard Balm

Beard balm, a thicker, creamier solution, combines oils, butters, and waxes. It offers conditioning, control, and light shaping, ideal for taming unruly hair and styling the beard.

Difference between Beard Balm and Beard Butter:

Beard Balm

Primarily focused on conditioning and styling, beard balm provides a balance of moisture, hold, and control. Its thicker texture allows for styling without the stiffness of waxes.

Beard Butter

A softer and creamier blend, beard butter emphasizes deep moisturization and conditioning. It suits longer, drier beards, offering hydration and nourishment without overwhelming hold.

Understanding the nuances between beard oil, balm, and butter helps you make an informed choice. At The Ortiz’s Barbershop, we prioritize your beard care needs, offering premium products and grooming services tailored to your preferences.

Choose wisely and maintain that distinguished, well-kept beard effortlessly!

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Beard Brush vs Comb: Choosing the Right Tool for Your Care

A well-groomed beard is a testament to your style and self-confidence. Maintaining your beard can be both challenging and rewarding, but the right tools make all the difference.

Among the essential tools for beard care, beard brushes, and combs are often the subject of debate. In this guide, we’ll explore the differences and benefits of using a beard brush versus a comb and when to use each for optimal beard care.

Understanding Beard Brushes and Combs

Beard brushes and combs serve different functions, catering to varying beard types and lengths.

Beard brushes

Beard brushes, typically made of boar or synthetic bristles, are excellent for evenly distributing natural oils and balms. The bristles are great for untangling and smoothing longer, denser beards, assisting in distributing products throughout the facial hair.

Beard combs

Combs, on the other hand, are available in various materials, including wood, plastic, and metal. They come in different widths, with wider-toothed combs suitable for thicker, longer beards and finer-toothed ones ideal for shorter or finer facial hair. They assist in detangling, styling, and ensuring uniformity in shorter beards.

When to Use a Beard Brush vs Comb:

Understanding when to use a beard brush versus a comb can make a difference in your grooming routine.

Beard brushes

  • Ideal for thicker or longer beards.
  • Best for applying beard oils or balms.
  • Suitable for daily grooming, especially to distribute natural oils and shape your beard.

Beard combs

  • Perfect for detangling and grooming shorter beards.
  • Helps style and align the facial hair.
  • Ideal for evenly distributing beard oils and balms in shorter beards.

Choosing between a beard brush and a comb largely depends on your beard length and grooming routine. Both are valuable tools in maintaining a well-groomed beard. Whether a beard brush or comb, the aim is to maintain a clean, healthy, and stylish beard.

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At The Ortiz’s Barbershop, our skilled barbers offer expert grooming advice and excellent beard care services tailored to your specific needs. Our friendly team will assist you in choosing the right tools and products to keep your beard looking its best.

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Pomade vs Paste: Choosing the Right Hair Product

When it comes to styling your hair, you might have heard about pomade and paste. These hair products can make a big difference in achieving the look you desire.

In this guide, we’ll explore the differences between pomade and paste, helping you make the right choice for your hair.

What is Pomade?

Pomade is a classic hair product known for its versatility and shine. It’s perfect for those who want a slick and polished appearance.

Pomade is ideal for traditional, well-groomed styles. It provides a medium to strong hold that keeps your hair in place throughout the day. Plus, it adds a glossy finish that’s sure to turn heads.

Pomade for your hair

For a neat and timeless look, consider pomade. It’s particularly great for styles like the classic side part, pompadour, or a sleek backcombed look.

The key is in the shine, which gives your hair that extra touch of elegance. Pomade is perfect for making a statement and maintaining a dapper appearance.

What is Hair Paste for Men?

Hair paste, on the other hand, is a more modern choice. It provides a matte finish and a natural look. Hair paste is fantastic for adding texture and definition to your hair. This product usually offers a medium to firm hold that’s suitable for various styles.

Hair paste for men's styles

For those seeking a relaxed, textured look, hair paste is a great option. It works well for styles like messy quiffs, textured crops, and layered looks.

Hair paste provides that effortless appearance without the shine, making it a popular choice among men who want their hair to look effortlessly cool.

Making the Choice: Pomade or Paste?

Now, the big question is, which one is right for you? The answer depends on your style preferences and the finish you want to achieve.

  • Choose Pomade: If you’re looking for that classic, suave look with a noticeable shine, go for pomade. It’s perfect for formal occasions and timeless styles.
  • Choose Hair Paste: If you prefer a more casual, textured look without the shine, opt for hair paste. It’s great for a relaxed, everyday appearance.

In the end, it’s all about your style. Consider what suits you best and gives you the confidence to rock your look every day.

At The Ortiz’s Barbershop, we understand the unique needs of our customers. Whether you prefer pomade or hair paste, our barbers can recommend the right product and style to keep you looking your best. So, come on in, and let’s make sure your hair is on point!

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I Don’t Know What Haircut To Get

Have you ever found yourself thinking, “I don’t know what haircut to get”? You’re not alone. Choosing the right haircut can be a daunting task. However, it doesn’t have to be. In this guide, we’ll provide practical tips to help you make an informed decision about your next haircut.

Tips to Find The Perfect Haircut

Are you struggling to decide on the perfect haircut? We’ve got you covered with some valuable tips to make the process a breeze. Finding the ideal haircut that suits your style, personality, and face shape is easier than you might think.

1. Consider your hair type

One of the first factors to consider when choosing a haircut is your hair type. Different hair types require different styles to look their best.

For example, if you have thick, wavy hair, you might opt for a longer, textured cut. On the other hand, if your hair is fine and straight, a shorter, more structured style could be a better fit.

2. Think about your lifestyle

Your daily routine and lifestyle should also influence your haircut choice. Are you someone who likes to spend minimal time styling your hair? In that case, a low-maintenance cut may be ideal.

On the flip side, if you enjoy experimenting with various hairstyles and don’t mind the daily upkeep, you can explore more intricate options.

3. Consider Your Face Shape

Face shape matters when it comes to choosing a flattering haircut. Different styles can enhance your facial features. For instance, a square face might benefit from a textured crop, while a round face might look great with a more angular, structured cut.

Our professionals can help you identify your face shape and suggest styles that complement it.

4. Consult with a professional

Sometimes, the best way to decide on the perfect haircut is to consult with a professional barber. They have the expertise to evaluate your hair type, face shape, and lifestyle and recommend styles that suit you best. Barbers can also provide insights into current trends and classic looks that never go out of style.

In conclusion, choosing the right haircut doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience. By considering your hair type, lifestyle, and face shape, you can narrow down your options and make a more informed decision.

And when you’re ready to transform your vision into reality, don’t hesitate to schedule a haircut appointment with us. Our skilled barbers at The Ortiz’s Barbershop are here to bring your ideal haircut to life, ensuring you look and feel your best.

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How To Grow a Bear Without Looking Messy

Growing and grooming a beard is an art that can greatly enhance your appearance and confidence. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to maintain a well-groomed beard without the hassle of it looking messy. Whether you’re starting from scratch, fixing a tangled beard, or looking to clean up your facial hair, we’ve got you covered.

Growing a Beard

The journey to a well-groomed beard begins with patience. Let your beard grow for a few weeks without trimming to understand its full potential. During this initial phase, resist the urge to shape it.

Fixing a messy beard

If you find yourself with a messy beard, fret not. A visit to a professional barber is an excellent solution. Expert barbers can assess the state of your beard and discuss your grooming goals. They will recommend a personalized plan to restore order to your facial hair.

Cleaning up a messy beard

Regular maintenance is key to keeping your beard looking its best. Trimming stray hairs, defining your beard’s shape, and creating clean lines are essential steps to clean up a messy beard. A barber’s expertise can be invaluable in this process.

Ongoing care

Keeping your beard in top shape requires consistent care. Regular washing, conditioning, and combing will maintain softness and prevent tangles. Invest in quality beard products recommended by professionals to sustain your preferred style.

Professional advice

Barbers who specialize in beard grooming can provide invaluable advice tailored to your specific beard type and style goals. Whether you aim for a full, rugged beard or a refined, well-trimmed look, their expertise will help you achieve your desired outcome.

A well-groomed beard is a testament to your style and self-confidence. Whether you’re starting from scratch or tackling a messy beard, these steps will guide you on your journey. Remember, grooming is an art, and consistency is key. Should you ever require professional assistance, barbershops like The Ortiz’s Barbershop are here to help you achieve the perfect beard that suits your personality and preferences.

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Fixing a Bad Haircut: Tips from The Ortiz’s Barbershop

Are you stuck with a bad haircut that’s got you feeling less than confident? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. At The Ortiz’s Barbershop we understand that a bad haircut can happen to the best of us.

Fortunately, there’s a solution, and we’re here to help you navigate the process of fixing a less-than-desirable haircut. Whether it’s a bad fade, a messed-up style, or any haircut mishap, we’ve got your back.

How to Fix a Bad Haircut Male

Getting a bad haircut can be frustrating, but it’s not the end of the world. The first step in fixing a bad haircut is to resist the urge to panic or attempt a DIY repair. Instead, trust the professionals. At The Ortiz’s Barbershop, our experienced barbers specialize in helping men correct haircut issues.

Schedule a Cut

The first thing to do is schedule a cut with one of our skilled barbers. During this appointment, discuss what went wrong with your previous haircut and what you’d like to achieve. Our barbers will assess the situation and offer expert advice on the best course of action.

Patience is Key

Fixing a bad haircut often requires some patience. Depending on the severity of the issue, your barber may recommend a few different approaches, such as reshaping, blending, or adjusting the length. Be prepared to give your hair some time to grow and adapt to the changes.

Bad Fade Haircut

A common issue many men face is a bad fade haircut. Whether it’s uneven lines, awkward blending, or a misplaced fade, these problems can be disheartening. But don’t worry; our barbers have the skills to correct these issues.

Reshaping and Blending

One of the most effective ways to fix a bad fade is through reshaping and blending. Our barbers will carefully adjust the fade lines to create a more balanced and even look. This process may involve trimming certain areas and blending transitions for a seamless finish.

Maintenance and Styling

After your barber has fixed your fade, they’ll provide you with maintenance and styling tips to keep your haircut looking sharp. Using the right products and techniques can help you maintain your new look until your next visit.

A bad haircut doesn’t have to ruin your confidence. At The Ortiz’s Barbershop, we’ve helped countless men fix their haircut woes and leave our shop feeling great. R

Remember, the key to recovery is scheduling a consultation with our skilled barbers and being patient as we work together to get your hairstyle back on track. 

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